Our background

Ehara taku toa I te toa takitahi engari he toa takitini.

'My win is not a single win but a win of many', with the

author acknowledging that the win was not only due to the use of their own individual skills

but also, as a recipient of the many gifts, talents and strengths inherited

from his family, tribe and ancestors.

Tai Tokerau Trades Training is a dynamic innovative company that was conceived from the growing needs of industry and key stakeholders across Tai Tokerau. The focus was to create a space to support industry and ākonga needs whilst representing a service where the values of integrity, ethics and meaningful heart centred approaches were evident.

With our waka preparations complete and ready to start navigating, we set our sails for our first year of service, which commenced 1st April 2020. 

As of 2023 we have grown to a team of 20+ plus staff and contractors who each come with extensive knowledge in their respective fields and are able to work in a dynamic environment subject to sudden forces of change; staff who can navigate through a holistic lens, working with motivation and passion whilst modelling great work practice ethics.

Our Vision

To promote indigenous infused programmes that will captivate the authentic spirit of . . .

"What's good for everyone is not necessarily good for Māori,

but what is good for Māori is good for everyone."

Berryman, M., & Bishop, R. (2001). Te Kotahitanga research project.

To create possibilities, to ignite future pathways within the hearts and minds of our ākonga, to offer the opportunity to transform. 

Whiti koreke, ka kitea koe!

Haere whakaparirau i a koe, haere whakamanu.

The koreke springs up – you’re found!

Go get yourself wings, go turn into a bird.

Like the swift movement of the piwakawaka as it moves in

and out of the ngahere fluttering its tail as if to say; ‘I am

here, I am ready, please show me the way’. 

To become regionally and nationally recognised as an organisation that sees the most important leader of all. The leader that awaits attentively within our people. Our skilled staff will enable this vision by facilitating and guiding the voices of ākonga in a safe and supported learning environment, designed specifically to enhance the growth of curious minds and develop capacity.

To ‘inspire our ākonga to aspire’ and ignite a passion for lifelong learning.

Our Mission

Is to develop and deliver programmes to organisations, services, and job seekers to address organisational

and individual skills needs.

Naku te rourou nau te rourou ka ora ai te iwi

With your basket and my basket the people will live.

What sets Tai Tokerau Trades Training apart from other services is our ability and commitment to supporting

employers and ākonga.

We value our relationship with employers and will retain an oversight of how our job seekers are progressing.

We understand that people need support outside of the classroom. That is why with our Whakaahu

Whakamua programme we provide wrap-around pastoral support to all ākonga for six months after our

course. This support gives every ākonga the greatest chance of long-term success.

We will navigate alongside our ākonga as they prepare for that perfect wind that will uplift their sails, before they put forth their paddle to the waters and begin to navigate solo.

Our Values

Ahakoa he iti he pounamu.

Despite being small, it is greenstone.

We at Tai Tokerau Trades Training are dedicated to upholding the following values –

I runga I Te Tika, Te Pono me te Aroha doing what is right with integrity and compassion.

Manifesting with everyday practice our ‘ways of being’, within our everyday practice.

Whakamana — empowerment promoting strength and confidence;

Whakawhanaungatanga — establishing relationships and bringing the

whakapapa to life;

Manaakitanga — looking after and supporting each other;

Aroha — love, empathy and compassion;

``Āwhi — help and cherish;

Tautoko — support and help;

Tuākana / tēina – in this context encouraging pivotal relationships with

our ākonga, by remembering that we to can learn from their lead.

Makere te weka i te māhanga e hoki anō?

Will a weka that has escaped the snare return?

We pathway work-ready adults into careers.

Ki te kore ngaputake e mākukungia e kore te rakau e tupu.

If the roots of the tree are not watered, the tree will not grow.